RU6 07-08: Post-Soviet Literature and Art. Reading list

Primary Texts:

            a) Prose:          Viktor Pelevin, Zheltaia strela (1993), Generation P (1999)

Vladimir Sorokin, Collected stories (1979-1984, published 1992), (available online @, Led (2002)


            b) Poetry:        Timur Kibirov, Intimnaja lirika (1997-1998), poems on

Lev Rubinshtein, selection of poems in Novyi mir, available online @

Dmitrii Prigov, Napisannoe s 1990 po 1994 (1998) (

Vera Pavlova, Sovershennoletie (2001)

c) Film:            Ilia Khrzhanovskii, 4 (2004) 

                      Pavel Lungin,Ostrov (2006)

                      Aleksandr Zeldovich, Moskva (2000) (for fragments of the script see

            d) Art/archit.::   AES Group / AES + F Group (

Oleg Kulik

Pavel Pepperstein / Medical Hermeneutics

Nikolai Polisskii (

Leonid Tishkov (selection of works available online @

Konstantin Zvezdochetov



Secondary Literature:


Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture, ed. by Tatiana Smorodinskaya, Karen Evans-Romaine and Helena Goscilo, Routledge, 2006

Alla Latynina, Martin Dewhirst, Post-Soviet Literature, in The Routledge Companion to Russian Literature, ed. by Neil Cornwell, Routledge, 2001 (234-251)

Re-Entering the Sign. Perspectives on New Russian Culture, ed. by Ellen E. Berry and Anesa Miller-Pogacar, University of Michigan Press, 1995

Russian Culture of the 1990s: special issue of Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature 24.1, ed. by Helena Goscilo, Winter 2006

Russian Postmodernism: New Perspectives on Post-Soviet Culture (Studies in Slavic Literature, Culture, and Society, Volume 3), ed. by Mikhail Epstein, Alexander Genis and Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover, Bergahn, 1999 good source for analyses of contemporary culture / art works, film, literature



Sergei Chuprinin, Literary Criticism in Post-Soviet Russia: The Decade of Zeros, Toronto Slavic Annual 1, 2003 (247-56)

Contextualizing Transition: Interviews with Contemporary Russian Writers and Critics, ed. by Serafima Roll,  P. Lang, 1998

Edith Clowes, Russian Experimental Fiction: Resisting Ideology after Utopia, Princeton University Press, 1993

Mikhail Epstein, 'Charms of Entropy and New Sentimentality: The Myth of Venedikt Erofeev', on 

Sally Laird, Voices of Russian Literature. Interviews with Ten Contemporary Writers, Oxford University Press, 1999

Mark Lipovetsky, Russian Postmodernist Fiction. Dialogue With Chaos, Armonk, 1999

Marjorie Perloff, Russian Postmodernism: An Oxymoron?, Postmodern Culture, Vol. 3/2, on

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Andrew Wachtel, Remaining Relevant After Communism.The Role of the Witer in Eastern Europe, Chicago University Press, 2006 

Third Wave. The New Russian Poetry, ed. by Kent Johnson and Stephen Ashby, Michigan University Press 1992 (contains essays and manifestoes by several influential poets)



Angels of History. Moscow Conceptualism and its Influence, ed. by Joseph Backstein and Bart de Baere, Mercatorfonds, 2005

Matthew Cullerne Brown, Contemporary Russian Art, Phaidon, 1989

Ekaterina Degot, Kinostsenarii Vladimira Sorokina Moskva v novorusskom i postavangardnom kontekstakh, in: Poetik der Metadiskursitivt. Zum postmodernen Prosa-, Film- und Dramenwerk Sorokins (Die Welt der Slaven. Sammelbnde. Bd. 6, ed. by Dagmar Burkhardt, Sagner, 1999 (223-28)

Ekaterina Degot, To Be an Artist in the Post-Soviet World, The View From Here. Issues of Cultural Identity and Perspective in Contemporary Russian and American Art, Tretyakov Gallery 2000, available online on

Ekaterina Dyogot, Catastrophe and Hedonism: An Unnostalgic Look at Russian Art of the Last Decade, Art Margins, 2006, available online on

Maks Frai, Art Azbuka, on

Susanne Larsen, 'In Search of an Audience. The New Russian Cinema of Reconciliation', in Consuming Russia. Popular Culture, Sex and Society Since Gorbachev (ed. by Adele Marie Barker), London, 1999 (192-210)  

Mark Lipovetsky, Of Clones and Crones. Review of Chetyre, Kinokultura, 2005, available online on

Viktor Misiano, An Analysis of Tusovka. Post-Soviet Art of the 90s, Art in Europe . 1990-2000, ed. by Gianfranco Maraniello, Skira Editore, 2002 (161-177)