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2013 "Vintage_Russia: wat imperfectie sexy maakt", inaugural speech, University of Amsterdam (Jun) YouTube webcast
2013 "Web Wars and Filter Bubbles: The Dark Sides of Digital Humanities", Digital Mnemonics in Slavic Studies Spring School, University of Passau (Mar) (invited paper)
2012 "'But I Want Sincerity So Badly!' Post-postmodern Rhetoric, Cultural Trauma, DAP", D.A. Prigov's Art: Verbal -- Visual -- Performative Conference, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (Nov)
2012 "Post-Soviet Creative Practices: Professions & Compartments", Design Without Frontiers Conference, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge (Sep) (invited paper)
2012 "Languages of Memory", Future of Russian F4: Final Conference, Bergen (Jun)
2012 "Making Mistakes Online: Digital Media and the Aesthetics of Imperfection", Making Mistakes Seminar Series, Wadham College, University of Oxford (May) (invited lecture)
2012 "I Cried Twice: Vladimir Sorokin's Language of Sincerity", Vladimir Sorokin's Languages: Mediality, Interculturality, Translation Conference, Aarhus (Mar-Apr)
2012 "Media, Memory, and the Move Beyond Western Paradigms", Media & Memory: Back to Basics workshop, University of Amsterdam (Mar)
2012 "Web Wars: The Digital Memories of Eastern Europe", University of Freiburg & Deutsche Osteuropagesellschaft, University of Freiburg (Jan) (invited lecture)
2011 "Postcolonial Memory in Eastern Europe", Roundtable contribution ASEEES Convention, Washington DC (Nov)
2011 "Legitimizing Illegitimacy: Russian Social Media and the Aesthetics of Imperfection", ASEEES Convention, Washington DC (Nov)
2011 "Digital Diaspora: Social Media and Russian-Ukrainian Memory Wars", Virtual Russia: Digital Space and Post-Soviet Political Culture Conference, St Petersburg (Oct) (invited paper)
2011 "(Russian) Digital Language: The Transcultural Prism", Von der digitalen zur interkulturellen Revolution? Conference, Passau (Jul) (Skype) (invited paper)
2011 "How New Media Impact on Eastern Europe's Memory War", Memory & Theory in Eastern Europe Workshop, King's College, University of Cambridge (invited paper)
2011 "Post-Soviet Art: How Digital Perfection Breeds Aesthetic Imperfection", St Antony's College, University of Oxford (invited lecture)
2011 Web Wars: Russische en Oekraiense sociale media & het Sovjetverleden, SEELECTS series, University of Ghent (invited lecture)
2011 "Web Wars, or Eastern Europe's Digital Languages of Memory", Digital Memories Conference, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Prague (Mar)
2011 "New Media Language: Towards a Transcultural Approach", Future of Russian F3: The Russian Internet in a Global Context Conference, University of Passau (Feb)
2010 "Интеллигент-импотент: сексуализация внутренней колонизации", Внутренняя колонизация России Сonference, University of Passau (Mar)
2010 "Add to Cart. The Poet's Blog As PR Tool", Имидж - Диалог - Эксперимент: поля русской современной поэзии Conference, University of Trier (Mar) (invited paper) review
2010 "Hyping the Typo. Linguistic Imperfection in Russian Writers' Blogs", New Modes of Communication Working Group Meeting, Columbia University (Harriman Institute) (Skype presentation) (invited lecture)
2010 "Fresh Technology, Toy Talk? Linguistic Metadiscourse on Writers’ Blogs and Tweets ", Future of Russian F2: Linguistic and Literary Play Conference, University of Berlin (Jan)
2010 Doing Sincerity. Writing and Reading the Self in Post-Soviet Russia, Freie Universitat Berlin / Peter Szondi Institute (invited lecture)
2009 "tanyant and snorapp. Desiring Imperfection in Digital Discourse", AAASS Conference, Boston (Nov)
2009 "'The Right to Swear.' Linguist Imperfection in Russian Literary Blogs", Future of Russian F1 Conference, University of Bergen (Jun)
2008 "Unraveling 'Sincerity'. The New Sincerity and Russia's Recent Past", AAASS Conference, Philadelphia (Nov)
2008 "Three for Luck. 1. Russiancyberspace: The Blog, 2. The Future of Russian, 3. Linguistic Imperfection in Literary Blogs", Russia Online Conference, Columbia University (Harriman Institute & School of Journalism) and Harvard University (Berkman Center for Internet and Society), New York (Oct)
2008 "How To Analyze a Blog? Exploring vodennikov and tanyant", 4th Fitzwilliam Conference: Media In Flux, University of Cambridge (Aug)
2008 "Blurring Bounds? Amateur Versus Professional Literary Production in The RuNet", Doing Culture: Whose Culture? Exploring the Active Audience Workshop, CEELBAS, University of Sheffield (May)
2008 "Rasconceptualist bekeerd? 'Nieuwe oprechtheid' en Timur Kibirov", Slavistendagen Conference, University of Gent (April)
2008 "Er staat niet wat er staat. Viktor Vasnetsov en politieke sprookjes in de Russische cultuur", Lezing Russische sprookjes tentoonstelling, Groninger Museum (Jan)
2007 "Red Star Dance. The Berliner Russendisko Between Ostalgie and Sots Art", CAMCREES seminar, University of Cambridge
2007 "Art as Therapy. Coping With the Soviet Past in Different Media", meeting Russian Cultural Studies Group, CRASSH, University of Cambridge
2007 "Strategic Sentiments? New Sentimentalist Tendencies in Contemporary Russian Literature", Revisiting Perestroika. Processes and Alternatives Conference, Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki
2007 "RuNet Yes Or No. Russian Literary Internet Under Discussion", Remediating Literature Conference, University of Utrecht
2007 "Digesting Dzhugashvili. Stalin in Contemporary Russian Literature", Cultural Memory Workshop, University of Cambridge
2006 "Neo-sentimentalisme in de recente Russische literatuur [Neo-Sentimentalism in Recent Russian Literature]", Slavistendagen Conference, University of Leiden
2006 "От "души Америки" до "молодой России": дело Дункан", The Case of the Avant-Garde Conference, University of Amsterdam (invited paper)


"'Utopie is dood, leve de utopie'. Recente tendensen in de Russische literatuur ["Utopia is Dead, Long Live Utopia". Recent Tendencies in Russian Literature]", meeting Esthetische kring, Groningen (invited lecture)



"On Nesterov's On the Hills: Russian Landscape and the Feminine in Russian Twentieth-Century Culture", Landscape and the Arts in Imperial Russia Conference, CRASSH, University of Cambridge - UK

2004 "Fighting for Princess Russia: Dragon-slayer and Sleeping Beauty Motifs in the Representation of Political Forces in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature", Perspectives on Slavistics Conference, University of Leuven - BE
2004 "Материализация метафоры женственной россии в русской литературе ХХ века", Body, Mind and Soul in Russian Literature and Culture Conference, University of Groningen
2003 "Timur Kibirov en de metafoor van Rusland als onbereikbare geliefde [Timur Kibirov and the Metaphor of Russia as Unattainable Beloved]", Slavistendagen Conference, University of Amsterdam
2002 "The Metaphor of Russia as Unattainable Beloved in the Silver Age", American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages Conference, New York - US
2001 "The Background of the Metaphor of Russia as Unattainable Beloved in Modern Russian Literature", Junges Forum Slavistische Literaturwissenschaft Conference, Muenster - DE